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Kekava in the world – word in Kekava


  1. To learn more about the culture and business environment of partner countries, to promote active international collaboration among all partner countries by creating a partnership network, which will work with EU funds, culture and education projects and will develop business, tourism and use of investments in the region.
  2. To assess and develop multifaceted collaboration models.

Basic tasks:

  • To promote Latvian culture in Latvia and in the world by demonstrating its various manifestations
  • To develop an international collaboration network for an effective use of EU funds
  • In interest foreign entrepreneurs to work in the area of Kekava district and to collaborate with the local businessmen.
  • To attract potential investors to the area.
  • Use creative workshops and co-projects as tool to establish and further a perspective development of this project.
  • Broaden the knowledge of people about the culture, opportunities, history and traditions of Latvia.
  • To develop tourism area in the region.
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